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Did you know?

  • That the first known Irish person in Portland was Thaddeus Clarke, probably born Teague O’Cleary, who married Elizabeth Mitton in 1662?
  • That there were many Irishmen who resided here in the 1750s and fought in the French and Indian Wars?
  • That the first Irish Catholic baptized in Portland was Alexander Hayes, in 1798?
  • That the first Catholic Mass in southern Maine was celebrated in the spring of 1822 in the home of Portland grocers Nicholas and Barbara Connolly Shea?
  • That Bishop Benedict Fenwick of Boston briefly entertained the idea of building a Catholic college on the Western Promenade (a college that eventually became Holy Cross)?
  • That Union Street-born John E. Anglin, the 14-year old son of Cork emigrants, was the second-youngest recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor ever in 1864?
  • That Wexford-born Francis Murphy, a rumseller and tavern owner in Portland, was later a temperance crusader and organized the Blue Ribbon Army in the 1870s, a forerunner of AA?


Learn more about the history of Portland’s Irish community at the launch of “The Irish of Portland, Maine: A History of Forest City Hibernians” by Matthew Jude Barker.  Click here for more information.  Hope to see you there!

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